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The meat processing company "Mekom" J.S.C. is situated in the town of Silistra, North - East Bulgaria. Its position in the rich agricultural region Dobruciza gives the possibility for a quick and profitable development. At the present moment the company has its own agricultural lands, a fodder factory, a modern pig farm, fattening farms for sheep, Iamb, cattle and water buffaloes. In 1993 a complete reno. ation of the factory took place and the new slaughterline and the &boning department for lamb and pork meat were licensed for export into the EC countries under Ne 1901021. Following the new requirements for raising the quality of the production in correspondence to the high sanitary - hygienic rules, the company received a license for expon of heat-treated sausages and delicacies in 1999. The company was privatized in 1998 with main share-holder Mr. Stefan Raitchev. A general renovation of the whole factory for the total amount of about 25 million FUR was done during the years 1999 -- 2004. The following new departments were put into exploitation - a slaughterline for cattle, buffaloes and ostrich; a slaughterline for lamb and sheep; a slaughterline for pigs; a slaughterline for rabbits and new technological lines for sausages and delicacies.

"MEKOM" J.S.C., Silistra celebrate its 100th imniversary on September  22  -  2006 100 years "MEKOM- J.S.C. - S1LISTRA.


The president and the majority owner of the company "Mekoп" JSC-Silistra is eng. Stefan Ranches lie has worked in the company since May 12, 1980. On February 21. 2006 he was chosen for the Businessman of the Near 2005 for Bulgana. Eng. Stefan Raychev is an Honorable Consul of the Republic of Romania in Bulgaria with a residence in the town of Silistra. At the present moment there are 1100 employees in the company and its branches.

"MEKOM" J.S.C. - Silistra is the biggest and the most modem meat-processing company in Bulgaria and on the Balkans.


"MEKOM" JSC is a public company since 2008 and the stock are exchanged on the Bulgarian stock exchange



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